Inscape has an abundant amount of knowledge when it comes to plants. We believe that knowledge sharing leads to a better designed world where form and function combine to result in environments which are both beautiful and healthy for all in its influence.

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Plants in buildings

Plants are a natural way to improve the health of your indoor environment. Plants in buildings can increase work efficiency in your employees, as well reduce stress levels and reduce sick leave.

Plants in buildings can be used to not only improve your corporate image with their range of colours and soft textures but they can also increase staff comfort levels and increase employee attentiveness, while attracting and retaining top employees. Overall all these positive effects of plants in buildings can mean cost-savings to your business.

The technical information

A large number of studies have proven that plants in buildings can improve the efficiency of workers by as much as 12%. One of the ways that indoor plants can do this is by their ability to absorb and deflect noise, resulting in fewer distractions. On top of this plants in buildings can make for happier employees, as plants are a natural way to make people feel less stressed.

Comfort levels of staff can further be improved by plants in buildings as plants are a great way to balance the humidity of your indoor environment. This means less reliance on comfort control systems, such as air conditioners, leaving more money in your pocket. What’s more, the correct humidity levels in a building ensure the integrity of its structure for longer, reducing the risk of cracking and condensation.

Plants in buildings are an effective and natural way to improve your indoor environmental quality. Studies, some undertaken by NASA, have shown that plants are very successful at filtering harmful toxins out of the air that you breathe. This is very important to consider as indoor air can be as much as ten times more polluted than its outdoor air. When the air around you is toxic you can experience a range of symptoms including headaches, skin complaints and irritated eyes. Don’t let you or your staff suffer when there is a simple solution… Plants!

How can you attract and retain top employees with indoor plants? Studies have proven that workers who feel positive about their workplace are more likely to be satisfied with their current job and less likely to seek other employment. Inscape can help your business improve the perception your employees have of their workplace with one of our stunning interiorscapes.

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