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Inscape believes that our Horticultural Maintenance Plan provides our clients with a professional service from our qualified and knowledgeable horticultural technicians.  Maintenance is the component that completes our entire interiorscape process.

Our qualified horticultural technicians are committed to ensuring that every plant looks as good as the first day of installation by following and completing our stringent plant care regime, servicing weekly or fortnightly depending on our clients requirements and needs.  This point of difference makes inscape a leader in professional interiorscaping.

All of plant hire Christchurch, Inscape’s horticultural technicians are uniformed and easily identified. They are also regularly up dated with on-going training programmes and sharing of knowledge and experience with our team.

Our servicing is discreet and friendly, having all respect for your daily business needs. Servicing records and reports are tailored to each client’s requests.

Plants are consistently checked to ensure they are at their optimum and correct moisture level by using a probe. Internal environmental conditions influence the amount of water needed by each plant. Humidity, temperature, lighting levels, heating and air conditioning, the size of plant containers are all variables to be considered.

All plants are kept free of dust and any debris in containers is removed during servicing.

Healthy plants and growth are monitored by a regular fertiliser schedule combined with shaping, trimming and removal of spent leaves and branches.

Our horticultural technicians are trained to recognize the early signs of insect and disease problems during their weekly/fortnightly visits. Safe corrective action is used to control and eradicate any problems by using natural based products that are environmentally friendly.

Our professional maintenance programme combined with quality pots and plants makes inscape a number one choice for your interiorscape.