Our Vision




For inscape to enhance business environments throughout the country with interiorscapes, where people feel fresh and positive in their workplace.

Our mission

To provide a leading service that ensures our clients’ interiorscapes are not only inspiring and beautiful but also healthy, imparting good well-being for those in its company.

To create vibrant and inspiring interiorscapes that improve the brand image of all businesses and bring client satisfaction. Through contemporary interior plant design ideas, further education for our staff, and excellent customer service inscape promise to provide a commitment to our clients where success is based on long-lasting relationships and client satisfaction.

Our environmental commitment

Inscape is a firm believer in bettering people’s health through healthier indoor environments. We aim to exceed legislation and standards in relation to the environment through how we run our business and the service we provide. Inscape ensures its staff eliminate or minimise waste and the use of hazardous substances. To do this inscape have a policy of:

  • minimising energy and water consumption
  • operating vehicles with respect to the environment
  • non use of pollutants
  • use of material that has the least environmental impact
  • on-going staff education in terms of environmental issues
  • assessing the environmental impact of the use of any new products or processes