Vertical garden

This immensely successful green product will make a striking impression on your workplace. Schiavello© vertical gardens, with its compact dimensions, present no challenge to any space, no matter how small. Although this is a design-led product, scratch the surface and you will see that product form is not far from reach. Schiavello© vertical gardens have won over new customers with its slim character, small footprint and innovative look. With a dynamic profile, powerful presence and unique design, the Schiavello© vertical garden is dramatic with a huge visual impact.

When you consider the options for your business’ interior decor look to Schiavello© vertical gardens. Be impressed by its minimal space consumption but extraordinary visual stimulation. Feel privileged and love the space around you with a Schiavello© vertical garden. This intelligent concept pairs a metal grid frame with small potted plants to create the appearance of an over-sized game of connect-four, to be placed either against a wall or free-standing. The Schiavello© vertical garden also comes in a column form, for those preferring their greenery in broken sentences opposed to a block of paragraph.

Eminently elegant, a Schiavello© vertical garden is a show-piece right for any business. Impress clients and employees alike, with its sense of beauty and timelessness. Experience the revelation that a Schiavello© vertical garden can make to your workplace.

Contact us today to discover the unexpected difference a Schiavello© vertical garden can make to your environment. Enjoy the artful twist a vertical garden will bring into your daily life.

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2000mm H x 200mm W

2500mm H x 225mm W

3000mm H x 250mm W


1000mm H x 1000mm W

2000mm H x 1000mm W

3000mm H x 1000mm W